Volunteer time and energy are essential to the work that we do to support people affected by dementia and fund research into the cause and cure. We couldn’t do it without you!

Why volunteer with the Alzheimer Society?

When you become an Alzheimer Society volunteer, you have a chance to:

  • Help make life better for those living with dementia
  • Support a cause that you believe in
  • Work with other members of the team to achieve a specific goal
  • Meet other people who share your interests and passions
  • Learn new skills and discover new talents
  • Establish contacts in your field of interest and gain experience for future employment
  • Boost your health and reduce stress
  • Have fun!

"I volunteer with the Alzheimer Society because of the wonderful work the staff and volunteers do every day to help support people affected by the disease – not only the individual diagnosed, but the caregivers, family and friends as well."

—Mary Ann
Volunteer with the Alzheimer Society of Newfoundland and Labrador

Meet more of our volunteers from across the country to learn what it's like to volunteer with us and the types of projects you could get involved in.

Mary Ann Snelgrove


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Find a volunteer opportunity near you

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Last Updated: 05/10/2019